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The 9 months of pregnancy should be a wonderful, joyful time of learning growing and bonding with the unborn child. The female body is perfectly designed to allow this to happen, and to allow the baby to be delivered naturally.Sadly, for many women both pregnancy and delivery are often times of discomfort, uncertainty and fear of what lies ahead. Pregnancy Treatment

At Back to Basics Chiropractic we are passionate about helping women understand the changes that occur during this time and to balance and restore function to the body to allow both pregnancy and delivery to occur as effortlessly as possible.

Chiropractic care is ESSENTIAL for women throughout pregnancy. Why? Because imbalance, torsion and tension of the pelvis, lower back, thoracic spine (mid back) and even the neck can adversely affect both mother and baby. If the pelvic bones, muscles, ligaments and other soft tissues are out of balance or under tension it can restrict not only movement in these areas, but can also restrict the space available for the baby as they grow and move in the womb. This can lead to pain and discomfort for the mum, and to baby being forced into tight twisted positions. Misalignments and imbalance through the mid and upper back can cause interference to the nerves going to abdominal organs, and restrict rib movement contributing to such conditions as breathlessness and indigestion – a common ‘side effect’ of pregnancy.

“I had been suffering from almost constant indigestion and ‘acid’ sensations for a number of weeks when I went in for a routine chiropractic check-up. The indigestion had become so bad it was there both when I was sitting upright and lying down. During my check, my chiropractor asked me if I was suffering from indigestion. I said “actually, yes”! She adjusted my spine and I went on about my day. Later that evening I commented to my husband that I no longer had the indigestion and I can now eat whatever I like, including citrus fruit!” Naomi

Webster Technique
This technique was designed by Dr Webster, a Chiropractor, to help turn babies from the breech presentation into the ideal head down position.

Using gentle, low force contacts to the sacrum and supporting soft tissue, balance can be restored allowing tissues to relax and giving the baby the opportunity to find the best position. For more information on this technique contact us at Back to Basics Chiropractic (see ‘contact details)

At Back to Basics Chiropractic your chiropractor is specially trained in this technique and other associated techniques which can help to loosen, balance and restore function to the pelvis and spine of pregnant women.

Is Chiropractic Safe for pregnant women?
Of course! Chiropractic care has been shown to be gentle safe and effective for people of all ages and situations, from Newborn babies to the elderly, and certainly including pregnant women. In fact we recommend all pregnant women receive a chiropractic examination, and regular checkups during pregnancy to monitor alignment and function of the pelvis and the whole spine. This should not replace conventional checkups with your Doctor and birthing team, but should go hand in hand with these to ensure the best, healthiest and most comfortable pregnancy for you and your baby.

Another great reason to try chiropractic care during pregnancy is that Chiropractic is a drug FREE approach to better health. Therefore no harmful chemicals or side effects for you or baby.

‘I can’t lie on my stomach, how will the chiropractor be able to work on my spine?
Most women are able to lie face down comfortably in the early stages of pregnancy. As soon as this becomes difficult or uncomfortable, special equipment is used to provide support to the abdomen. Some techniques don’t require lying in the face down position at all. In every case, your chiropractor will assess your unique situation and determine the best way to approach your care.

It is safe and beneficial to receive chiropractic care right up to the end of pregnancy. Some women have even been adjusted while in labour!

It is important to remember that not only can chiropractic help women during pregnancy but also after delivery. A check-up in the first few weeks after giving birth will ensure that as your body settles back into pre-pregnancy positions and function everything aligns correctly.

As new mums start to carry, feed, lift and do all the things that go with a new baby, they often forget to care for themselves. Regular checks after birth help mothers to stay at their best. When you are your best, you have more energy and vitality to allow you to care for your new baby as you want to!

Don’t forget, babies can often benefit from chiropractic care too.