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People always look slightly shocked to hear that chiropractic care is for babies and children too. Why would a new born baby have ‘back problems’

Firstly consider that the very first thing to become clearly visible in a developing baby is the brain and spinal cord. This tells us how VITAL these precious, delicate structures are. As the brain develops it communicates with the growing developing body via the spinal cord and growing nerve roots. The innate (inborn) wisdom of the body is never more apparent than in the growth and development of these structures. In order to protect the delicate brain and spinal cord, bones are formed around these – the skull bones and the spinal column.
Treatment For Babies And Children

In order to understand why newborn babies may need chiropractic care, first imagine the baby in the mother’s womb. As the baby grows and gets larger, space becomes tighter and tighter. The baby is forced to curl up into a tightly rolled ball in order to fit into his or her surroundings (the foetal position). If any imbalance is present in the mother’s pelvis this further restricts space often leading to baby being in twisted, contorted positions for long periods of time.

During the birth process huge amounts of force are applied first to the baby’s skull bones and then to the neck and shoulders, often causing damage to the neck muscles and nerves. In the event of a difficult delivery where assistance is required in the form of forceps, suction or even a caesarean section, the forces on baby’s spine and head are magnified many times over. Imbalances that occur at this young age can lead to problems with growth, development, learning to crawl sit and walk, even learning and concentration abilities.

As a baby grows into a toddler and begins to learn to walk, the many bumps and falls associated with this stage of life can cause seemingly harmless and painless misalignments to occur. Again, misalignments and imbalance occurring in the body in childhood can go on to be the root of many problems experienced by adults.

Throughout childhood it is vital to ensure the spine and nervous system are functioning correctly and that the body is in balance. There are many things children experience which can cause subluxations, leading to imbalance in the spine and associated soft tissue. These include many things, from normal playground knocks and bumps to sports injuries, to stresses such as peer pressure and family problems.

Some of the reasons parents seek chiropractic care for their children are: Many parents today are looking for drug free ways to care for their families. Chiropractic recognises the body’s own innate ability to heal itself in the absence of interference. Regular chiropractic checkups can help the body to get and stay healthy and well, without the use of potentially harmful drugs or surgery.

Don’t forget, babies can often benefit from chiropractic care too.